By using a simple phonics approach, students as young as three can quickly learn basic grooves, play songs, and read basic music notation. If your child can say boom and bop, we are good to go! The lessons are conducted, if necessary, on a special smaller drum kit to accommodate even the smallest in stature student.  

What parents are saying:

“Stephen’s phonics approach really resonated with our four year old son. After just two lessons he was really rocking!” Andy Murphy

"Stephen has a unique method of teaching: A beyond imaginable approach that keeps the interest of the student and nourishes success. The video clips of his students are a must see. Being of a musical background, I would have no other instructor for our son. Simply the best!" Jo Ogawa.

"My son, Chandler, started taking drum lessons from Stephen in January of 2009. Chandler was 6 years old when he started and just recently turned 7 in May. I am completely amazed at how much he has learned and how focused he stays... especially for his age. Stephen is great with him and presents his instruction in a way that keeps it fun for my son. I can't believe how much Chandler has learned in such a short time. The way he teaches the kids to sing along with the notes when they play is so effective! Chandler can already play along with a few songs that Stephen has provided him on a CD. Chandler really looks forward to going to his drum lessons and what he will learn next. From teaching the kids how to hold the sticks properly and how to read and play the music, I would highly recommend Stephen as a drum teacher. He is not only an awesome and very patient teacher with the kids, but he is also very kind and professional with the parents. If you or anyone you know is looking for a drum teacher I would most definitely recommend Stephen." Kelly DeJong.