Teens to professional

Stephen Flinn is one of my favorite percussionists on the scene today, and I have seen many.  Nobody sounds like him and he has consistently moved me with both his solo and group performances.  He is disciplined, focused, and uncompromising, yet his music is brave and beautiful.  Over the years, he has gathered information from some the most influential musicians in drumming history yet he has a voice clearly his own. I predict that his recorded performances will be treasures in improv history for years to come.

As an educator he would be on my "first-call" list. He has made an in-depth study of technique and can easily explain and demonstrate the mechanics of drum set.  You don't often find a teacher who has such technical proficiency and interesting, wide ranging taste.  He has certainly helped me achieve my goals over years. and has been able to guide me in a way that neither Berklee College of Music nor a host of teachers could do.  He is also highly effective in his all-age inclusive group drumming curriculum.  I would certainly trust him with any student. We are lucky that he has made his drumming experience accessible to almost every level of player.

Adam Topol  - Jack Johnson, Escuala Ncional de Arte, Havana, Berklee College of Music

The emphasis is on proper technique while introducing musical concepts

Major areas of concentration include:

  • Hand and feet development
  • Moeller technique
  • Song development
  • Internal hearing and groove
  • Reading: snare and big band
  • Memorization strategies
  • How to make a one-page chart
  • Independence

What students are saying:

"Stephen Flinn's workshop and solo concert for our Chattanooga percussion students left a lasting effect, and to this day my students quote and employ Stephen's learning systems." Bob Stagner, Director of the Shaking Ray Levi Society.

"Taking lessons with Stephen Flinn was a really rewarding experience. His approach to keeping the body relaxed at all times helped me gain control, speed, endurance, and most of all a real SOUND." Will Dean. Independent.

"Stephen is a teacher who believes in his students. He not only has efficient teaching methods, but he is able to mold every lesson to his students' progress. I saw my gift sky rocket after the first lesson." Patricia Diaz, drummer for Christian City Church.

"Stephen is a drummers' drummer who knows how to teach. His skillful, relaxing, and supportive teaching style makes drum lessons enjoyable as well as effective. Even as a fifty year old beginner, Stephen put me at ease and made the lessons fun. It's easy to see why he is so good with kids." Dan Moren

"Stephen Flinn taught me how to learn from records and to keep great time. I'll be forever grateful." Andy Gilbert, drummer for One Lonely Robot.